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film expo

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14 feb 20 - 22 feb 20


Advanced Camera
Our event aims to promote and develop photographic culture and its surrounding industries.Showcasing the hottest products and technologies in the market by major camera makers.Providing opportunites for various film makers to get in touch with the different advanced cameras

Institution & Academies

Great opportunities for professional training seeking people to get info and demo classes of all major Acting, Modeling, Cenematography, Direction Institution & Academies under one roof.
Highly experienced professionals indulged in training candidates and shaping their future are coming forward to guide you our in FilmExpo 2020
Musical Instruments

Wonderful opportunity for musicans and people who are interested in musical fields to explore exciting new technologies and musical instruments.
Many musical instruments manufacturers participate to exhibit their best of products and get into a fair touch with the end users in this platform created by IEMT Bangalore

Recording Studios & Companies
These Studio Companies participating in our International Exhibition will have exposure to film makers from various languages and streams.
Film makers will have opportunites to choose the best in market through the particpating Exhibits.
Film Partner Companies
One may have talent and other may have the skills to get the talents justified. But all these require a producer.Thats how Production house comes to play.
Various Production Film Partners will participate in order to look for the right talents. May be you are the one they are looking for..! Great opportunity for Real Talents and a need come true for Film partners will be put together in Film Expo 2020.

Costume Designer Companies
If a act is to be justified then Costume of the character plays a vital role it.
Tremendous platform for the Designer to exhibit their fashion and make it a trend. As many Film makers and Modeling agencies being part of our International Film & Lifestyle Fashion Expo, It'll be a fest for Designers.

Film Projector Companies
Every part of the Film Industry takes equal responsibility in projecting a good output to audience.
As the Projectors having major roles in display of video formats. All new technologies and devices will be displayed by Exhibitors for the commercial and informative purpose.
Only a few companies manufacturers make DCI-approved digital cinema projectors

Fashion show & Modeling Companies
Fashion is never off trend
People seeking career in this Industry will have ample of furtune through IEMT's International Exhibition in Lifestyle Fashion Expo 2020.
Exhibitors will get candidates and will be provided chances in happening of Fashion shows.People can enroll under themselves under these companies  

Decorative & Architectural Lighting
Display of various different design of lighting systems.Its a part of Film Expo where Architectual Lighting Companies get in touch with the Film makers and end users show casing all major products as required for them.
It gives good exposure to companies as many are unaware of such specialization.

Editing Softwares
Software used for performing the post-production video editing of digital video sequences on a non-linear editing system.
Various different software companies will participate and showcase their softwares here which will lead the trade for them as most of film makers and short movie makers will be our visitors.

Film Cities & Studios
Film Studios are the Entertainment Companies or motion picture company that has its own privately owned studio facility or facilities that are used to make films, which is handled by the production company.
All Film & short movies makers will get in touch with these Studio companies in Film Expo 2020

Audio Companies
Audio Comapnies are the ones who make songs for movies, albums and etc.
They participate in our Exhibition of anticpating for fresh talents and even the opportunity seeking good talents.So it will be good opportunity for individuals who are looking for platfom to launch thier project with collabrations.Even the Audio Companies will find many such talents under one roof and it will be a boosted promotion for them.

Animation & CGI Companies
All the Modern day computer animation technologies will be displayed by the Exhibts in Film Expo 2020,
Here all Film makers and short movie makers will get in touch with various techologies which they want to adopt in their projects. It will be a great deal for both to participate in our International Exhibition.

Cosmetic Companies

Movies are always called as Colorful world. Without makeup the expressions of acts cannot be fulfilled. thats where Cosmetics play a major role.
All varieties of Cosmetic companies participate in our Event and Modeling,Fashion Show groups, Aspiring visitors, Film makers adn short movie makers will come across all these exhibitors.

Digital Cinema Distributors
Digital Cinema Distributors are the trusted partner of studios, independent film distributors and exhibitors around the world. Day and date global releases are the norm in a highly connected, social world and the success of a feature film depends on the ability to get to screens everywhere – flawlessly.
They can participate here and can get in contact eith many film makers,production houses and film industry people who can get them contracts.